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Atomic Arc Mask

Delta 4

Alpha 9 Octopus

The ARC mask further increases clarity, sharpness and light transmittance by coating the Ultraclear Schott Superwite glass with an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC).It has a internal frame molded into the silicone skirt for strength, a higher bridge and tear-drop shape which are characteristics of the Subframe mask with the low profile and single pane lens of the Frameless mask. The strap adjustment buckles are fixed directly to the silicone allowing for easy storage and increased flexibility and comfort.The biggest difference from the other masks in the Atomic range is that the lens glass has been pushed up another step on the clarity scale. Even with the best laid dive plans, there are times you encounter conditions beyond your control. The Delta 4 is one hot regulator ready to take on all challengers with a stylish look and the FDX10 first stage. The FDX10 uses an over-balanced diaphragm design for progressively increasing performance at depth and provides four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports for flexible diving. If you believe that you shouldnt have to sacrifice performance for price, then the Alpha 9 is for you. The Alpha 9 is the top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably priced regulators you can buy. The Alpha 9 Octopus is the same effortless breathing regulator in a compact design but coloured neon yellow so that you or your buddy will be able to find it with no problem.

Elite Harness Backplate

C45 Wing

SMS 100 Sidemount

The Hollis Elite II harness offers the minimalistic benefits of a technical harness with a strong webbing system, adjustable D-rings and extensive size variance and also the flexibility and easy of use of a BCD. The Elite II is a two piece webbing system with quick release shoulder breaks on both side. The Hollis C45 LX Wing is a 45lbs light (20Kg / 200N) 360 degree donut style wing with internal retractor system to help reduce drag and snag risks.The wing has a tough HD laminated 1680D cordura outer layer to protect the bladder from abrasion and is finished in black with a red stripe that runs the entire outer edge. The bladder itself is made from 420 nylon for high wear and long life. SMS 100 Sidemount system was designed not just with the sidemount cave divers in mind, but any diver. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or technical diver, this kit was designed for you. Suitable for sidemounting twin or single cylinders, but also for use with rear mounted twin and single cylinders as well rebreathers.

Seac Pro 2000

F2 Fins

The Seac Pro 2000 BCD is a tough jacket style BC with many hidden features. The backplate has a long padded cover to pad the hard cylinder against your back. The harness attaches directly to the backplate instead of the bladder which reduces cylinder and backplate movement for a more natural feeling. The Hollis F2 Fins are a really tough but light fin made from a high grade, heavy duty monoprene like the F1 Fins but are designed to reduce overall weight and size which makes them good for UK and travel.

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