Congratulations to the following people completing courses in 2017....

Discover Scuba Diving

Emma Woodley            Harry Gorman              Neil Barnes
David Witham              Stewart Markworth       Deborah Rhodes
Linda Ashby                 Joe OConnor               Amanda Hunter
Mike OConnor              Terence Thurogood      Harry Shepherd
John Dent                    Daniel Conyers            Nerijus Tiskevilius
Olivia Gardner              Erin Gardner               Chris Pearce
Luke Grey                    Rachel Turner             Claire-Michelle Smyth
Paul Field                     Peter Ryan                 Amit Kolvankar
Arya Kolvankar             Shannon Boden          Bethany Chumbley
Dean Welch                 Steven Plumer            Kim Bowden
Rebecca Bowden          Shaun Morley             Daniel Morley
Amy Bowden                Lee Davis    

PADI Seal Team

Jack Carter                  Thomas Pain
Antoine Colin

Open Water

Robert Norris        Rachel Holmes                  Ash Collins
Luke Grey            Chris Pearce                     Mike OConnor
Terry Thurogood  Adam Montgomery            Joe OConnor (Jnr)
Marcin Burda       Erin Gardner (Jnr)              Olivia Gardner
Toby Noble         Thomas Hughes                 Paul Conlin  
Lacey Bonacci      Peter Ryan                        Arya Kolvankar (Jnr)
Matt Bundock      Tony Bowden                    

Advanced Open Water

Chris Pearce        Paul Conlin

Dry Suit Diver

Rhys Tonks         Robert Norris
Rachel Holmes     Frank OHare
Erin Gardner        Olivia Gardner
Paul Conlin          Francis Warren
Jamie Griffiths     Steve Bray          
Gary McLachlan   Lacey Bonacci     
Peter Ryan          Matt Bundock  
Tony Bowden

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Amina Meho        Rachel Holmes
Lee Horton

Multilevel Diver

Mark Cummings

Dry Suit

Ash Collins           Luke Grey           Chris Pearce
Nathan Gardner    Joe Brown

Deep Diver

Holly Scott           Chris Pearce
Mark Knitter         Ian Tonks

Wreck Diver


Night Diver

Mark Cummings    Amina Meho         Holly Scott
Ross Plumridge     Tracy Gange        Rhys Tonks
Ian Tonks             Oliver Payne

Search & Recovery Diver

Tracy Gange        

Sidemount Diver

Tracy Gange        Daniel Carter
Ross Plumridge    Mark Cummings

Enriched Air Diver

Ian Tonks           Rhys Tonks (Jnr)       Nathan Gardner
Chris Pearce        Francis Warren (Jnr)                


Mark Cummings            Rachel Holmes
Ian Tonks                    Claire Knust
Trevor Goodfellow         Sue Wilders
Jayne Hussey               Stevan James
Nathan Gardner           Neil Gibson
Tracy Gange                Daniel Carter
Oliver Payne

EFR/Care for Children

Jayne Hussey

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Ian Tonks               Mark Cummings
Nathan Gardner      Tracy Gange
Daniel Carter           Neil Gibson
Oliver Payne

Rescue Diver

Mark Cummings       Nathan Gardner        Neil Gibson
Daniel Carter           Tracy Gange             Paul Hussey
Murray McDonald     Oliver Payne   

Master Scuba Diver


Open Water Scuba Instructor


IDC Staff Instructor

Eddie Colin             Larry Paterson         Brian Murray
up to 10/Nov/2017

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