Rescue Diver

Why take this course?

Anyone who cares about either themself or the buddy they are diving with should take this course. It is a challenging courses but it is also very rewarding as you will find that most diving problems can be prevented. It will prepare you if necessary to manage dive emergencies as they arise. You will expand both your diving knowledge and experience. Divers have said this is the most rewarding course they have ever taken.

Who can take this course?

Anyone who is aged 12 years or older and
Who is PADI Advanced Open Water or holds a qualifying certification from another organisation and
Have a current First Aid Certificate within the last 2 years.
(On qualification those students aged 12-14 will receive the PADI Junior Rescue Diver Certificate)

How long does it take?

The course is completed over 3 days involving academic study pool sessions and Open Water dives.

Whats involved ?

You will cover home study with the Rescue Manual and DVD then attend theory training sessions.

In the comfort of a swimming pool you will then learn the basic rescue skills.

You then move to Open Water where you will then complete a series of Rescue Dive Accident exercises.

How much will it cost?

From £299.00
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